She’s got an ide – ology*

Maureen Lipman eh?

Lovable, lovable fercockt bubba… we all love a bit of Maureen. Best remembered not for her decades of ‘proper’ acting but for her BT adverts… when my daughter got her degree in Archaeolgy it was the first thing that came to mind. She’s got an -ology.

Today, however, I went right off her as most of the main papers ran a story saying she’d thought about moving to New York or Israel because anti-semitism is on the rise… actually…that’s fine. We all have these kind of thoughts, like when I say ‘if the Tories get in again I’ll go and live elsewhere…” (it ranges from Scotland to Peru depending on how I’m feeling).

What got my goat was that she said: “When the economy dries up, then they turn on the usual scapegoat: the usual suspect –the Jew. There is one school of thought that says it’s because of Israeli policies in the West Bank, it isn’t. There’s been antisemitism for the past 4,000 years.”

Woah…Maureen… that feels a bit fucked up. Now our economy has dried up I’ve not noticed anything about it being the fault of Jews…immigrants seem to bear the brunt…but this time round that seriously isn’t those of the Jewish faith but Eastern Europeans (mostly catholics) and of course da Muslamics. In the left wing press the blame is on the bankers and Tories who get the blame..again…I’ve no idea if bankers tend to be Jewish…is all that money lender stuff still true?

And then ‘the school of thought that says anti-semitism is because of Israel’s policies in the West Bank’ – I like to think people who are against Israels abhorrant, terrorist state actions are not anti-Jew but anti-Zionist (along with lots of Jews all over the world and indeed inside Israel itself) but as there had been a “36% rise in the total number of anti semitic incidents, including violent crime and vandalism, to 304 between January and June in 2014 and then 130 incidents in July alone, which incidentally coincided with the Israeli military offensive in Gaza”, we have to presume some people got confused enough to lash out against the Jewish community in general. But the figures certainly point to her talking bollocks when she says that school of thought [linking attacks to Israeli policy] doesn’t exist anyway.

But if Maureen is afraid it’s not hard to see why… the figures above and many newspaper articles neglect to show that the number of violent attacks actually dropped between 2013-14. The overall rise in the first six months of 2014 year was because of a big jump in the amount of abusive behaviour…abusive behaviour that included a 25% rise in insults made on social media  corresponding to Israels sustained attack on Gaza.

But then as a Zionist who last year ended five decades of support for the Labour Party because of Ed Milliband’s support for recognition of Palestine as a state I think it might not just be because like little old ladies of all persuasions she fears violent crime even though violent crime is on the decrease but because she does have an ide -olgy coming belatedly out of the woodwork like the ramshackle assortment of mostly low grade celebs did last year in the States in support of Israel.

Given how much Lipman fought to appear and enjoyed encouraging her audiences to shout the word ‘cunt’ in the Vagina Monologues over a decade ago it seems she now enjoys talking out of her arse and getting us all to shout ‘anti semitism’ equally as much.

* credit and kudos to @wifeinspace


One thought on “She’s got an ide – ology*

  1. Ed Miliband’s mother is a Polish Jewish Holocaust survivor, and his father is of Polish Jewish origin, which I guess means he has no right having an opinion which differs from Zionists.

    The word Semite derives from the name of Shem, one of Noah’s sons, and Semitic people are a wide ranging group (supposedly his descendents) including Arabs and a tiny minority who are Jews. I find it interesting that anti-Semitism is intended to mean only prejudice against Jews, and not at all to mean, for example, Israel’s disgusting treatment of Palestinians.


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