PC comedienne has gig pulled for being right-on comedian

Kate Smurthwaite stands up for freedom of expression as long as it only applies to people the faux liberal authoritarian left agree with….(hint: so its not freedom of expression is it)?
She really doesn’t like racists or pornographers being given the same rights as human beings.

Fascist much?

So today…I was mightily amused that her Goldsmiths SU gig is cancelled  because of feminist in fighting.
ie. some feminists are pro- sex work because a woman has the right to make her own choices about her life and other feminists are anti-sex and especially anti-paid for sex.

As Kate works with ‘survivors’ of the sex industry…. it’s funny how ‘they’ are survivors but people who leave other really dangerous jobs in building, mining and farming don’t get called survivors..(is it because they are, in the main, men)? but whichever stance she took  she’s onto a loser…just holding a definite opinion on sex work is enough for a bitchfest to break out between feminist factions.

So, anyway, it’s just so apt that she’s not allowed her freedom of expression because there would be a demonstration and health and safety can’t be assured.

Note: I said apt and not right…. because I like people who have opinions to be heard…it helps other people formulate and adapt their own opinions – THAT is freedom of expression.

LATEST: in fairness here’s Kate’s own blog explaining what happened in her own words


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