So excited….

I got engaged to be married last week… but never fear this isn’t going to morph into a full time wedding blog -The wedding industry is, on the whole, a pile of poo so we spent a few days bouncing thoughts around and decided to strip the day back to what ‘we’ think is important as opposed to the stuff you are ‘expected’ to do. What will make the day special for us is sharing it with as many of our relatives and friends as we can realistically squeeze into our back garden…with space to put umbrellas up if it rains. It’s an old fashioned thing to do – to get married from home – there is nowhere and nothing as personal to you as the place you live and the people you love.

Beyond that (and a heap of food and a barrel of ale) it’s all froth.

First on my list of over-rated wedding related shite is the twinkly ring…because…. well…I’m not sure I see the point of an engagement ring. I don’t need to show off the size of a rock to anyone….and unlike wedding rings which we both see as a bit of lasting symbolism; an engagement ring has a shelf life of…well…in this case… four and a bit months.

Instead I’m getting a sensible present – a shiny glass kiln. And in turn that justifies Al buying a new lathe. A ring just doesn’t cut the mustard faced with such exciting (yet practical) purchases and the promise of coloured glass suits me far better than a diamond.

So the kiln is arriving later today and I can’t begin to express how excited I am about being able to work with my all time favourite material.

Give me a few weeks to get organised and a new glass blog may be in order.

Update: parcel arrives at about three and I think ‘that’s a bit small’…open it and it’s a box of glass and associated paraphernalia. Then ten minutes ago a man knocks on the door to say he has a ‘small’ parcel for me…. it’s MAHOOSIVE… I got him to wheel it into the garage as I can’t get it in the house without unpacking it….(well I ‘hope’ unpacking it will solve the problem) 🙂


2 thoughts on “So excited….

  1. I totally agree with you about engagement rings, I’ve not bothered either. I much prefer the idea that the couple get something meaningful for each other or to share. Enjoy your kiln and congratulation.


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