A Handbag!

I’m not a bag person – even with a baby I once got told off by my mother in law for venturing out with baby but without bag. (I had a spare nappy and a damp flannel in the backpack carrier pocket)

I’m certainly not a ‘hand’bag person – I still have to fight the urge to hold them at arms length on the rare occasion I carry one (weddings and funerals) but I have definitely got to an age where sometimes pockets alone are not enough (what with a large purse, two pairs of specs, a selection of dog poo bags, a note pad, pens, camera etc) and so my compromise is a shoulder bag, owned, pretty much, one bag at a time (with no thought to co-ordinating with clothing) and it lasts until totally buggered at which point I have the stress of finding a replacement.

My last but one was green canvas, bought around a decade ago. The one I’m saying goodbye to today one I got off my ex sister in law for Christmas about five years ago. The outer pocket zip went many months ago and it’s been shedding beads for almost as long… the beads unfortunately look a bit like insect pupae once shed. It’s not a bag I’d have ever chosen – but I really liked it.
So much so that I’ve been half looking for ‘something like it’…but mostly charity shops just have normal handbags or leathery looking things with too much bling on…or things that are too small….or…okay…I’m picky about my bags.

But when I settle on one I’m loyal but I work it hard (it has to multi-task as many things from every dayuse to overnight bag or picnic hamper).

Yesterday I found my new bag in a charity shop in Stamford. It cost 2.95 and is sensible but quirky (Annie and I decided that’s a bit like me).

I took all the sensible stuff out of the old bag last night, put all the spare change in the holiday jar and binned all the none essential detritus.

Then this morning I rechecked all the pockets just in case.
This afternoon I put the bag in the recycling box…. and then took it out… and checked the pockets again.

I’ve still not been out with new bag….but can’t ‘actually’ throw away old bag until I feel settled with new bag. (bag before last was stashed away until a couple of years ago)

Here they are together… old bag passing on the knowledge to new bag of how to cope with a forgetful owner and large amounts of bag guff.



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