Welcome to my new Tory MP.

As I wake up this morning in SE Cambs the sky is blue….the sky…the trees…the cars….everything is blue. The Conservatives have rolled in in SE Cambs with an increased majority and 48% of the vote.

It’s been a Conservative constituency here since it was formed in 1983 and has been held for the last twenty eight years by Jim Paice… or Sir James Paice to give him his less friendly moniker. My only vague hope was that the Conservatives would lose the seat as the traditional rural conservatives might reject this modern ‘women in politics’ malarky that is being foisted upon them; but at a time when even Cumbria has now elected a female MP…it was indeed a very, very vague hope.

Or perhaps I was clinging to the dodgy way in which she became the prospective candidate. Maybe I hoped that would have inspired a backlash from the local Conservative association…but no…don’t expect even a quiet revolution amidst the Cons of Cambs they just want to hang on to what they’ve got and having the Conservatives in power is what will serve them best…so they wouldn’t let a little glitch in the Tory MP machine cause unrest.

But credit where credit is due -Ms Frazer has worked her little cotton socks off over the last year, she’s been mentored by Sir Jim and has buzzed around the constituency keen to turn up anywhere that wanted her…although having a dozen or so people present at her meetings was her specified favourite number of constituents to groom at the same time…
Anyway…here’s Lucy -she hasn’t ‘quite’ got the hang of what counts as suitable clothing for a rural constituency but I’m pretty sure that’ll change once her ‘at home in London wardrobe’ and her ‘visiting the constituency wardrobe’ become more settled and defined.

did nobody tell her the wind turbines were going to be built in a big field?

did nobody tell her the wind turbines were going to be built in a big field?

I’m told James Plaice was a very good local MP before he retired but I think perhaps one of the reasons for this is that he lived in the constituency and that he really cared about rural East Anglia, had been brought up in rural Suffolk and had a background in agriculture and farm management.

Lucy too has been very keen to trumpet her local connection -she went to university in the next constituency to read Law – and she has already bought a ‘home’ here in Snailwell, near Newmarket. But unless she has bought privately, the only two houses to have sold in that delightful little parish over the last couple of years are small cottages under the 240k stamp duty..I doubt that makes them the sort of houses a Hampstead QC, her husband and two children would live in full time.

Her husband (…I wonder if he gets annoyed when people call him Mr Frazer) no doubt works in London, her children are probably settled at the school where she is a school governor and that of course is where her chambers are and her career path lies. She claims to have given up her job to commit to being in SE Cambs this year but as we all know giving up your job for a year when you are a self employed barrister isn’t the same as giving up your job when you are a shop worker or a mechanic say and now elected she will, no doubt, like fellow Conservative MP’s Steven Phillips QC be keeping her wig warm over the next few years.

I hope to be proved wrong but I imagine she’ll be keeping her feet very firmly in Westminster and Hampstead. She is after all one of the Conservatives bright new hopes and has already been named as future ministerial material by Micheal Gove. She may not fit the ideal Eton, Oxbridge profile perfectly because although she is a Cambridge graduate she only went to a locally acclaimed public school – Leeds Grammar for Girls. This has, however allowed her to play the ‘graidely Yorkshire lass’ card a la Hague and build on that facade of being unposh by claiming to be the first child in her family to go to university (the cynic in me wonders if she’s the oldest child).

She may have won this seat, and it was never really in doubt that she would but that doesn’t make her popular. I’ve never seen so many election posters with glasses or beards drawn on….or on a roundabout in Ely her mouth kicked in AND then glasses added. The majority of people may have voted to maintain the advantage and highground the Cons allow them to hold onto in these austere times but those left behind cut adrift by a voting system that is unfair and disproportionate are not happy.

Today we -the unrich, the disadvantaged, the disabled…or even just people like myself who have a social conscience… are shocked and a little bit numb that people would vote the Consevatives in for another term….I almost cried when I woke up to a picture of smirky little ham face as it was dawning on him that he had another 5 years to torment the unrich.

smirky ham face

smirky ham face

I hope tomorrow those of us who didn’t vote Tory will start the fightback….not wait four and a half years until the next general election campaign …but tomorrow. If you’ve ended up with a Conservative MP make them work for you…ask them why they aren’t in their constituency.. let everyone know if they have another job or don’t have surgeries and most importantly support whichever party you did vote for… you have 5 years to make them stronger and more electable and 5 years to argue the case for a better, fairer, more representative electoral system.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my new Tory MP.

  1. Hey, eclectic – brilliant, thoughtful post – though I would expect nothing else from you. I know you’re not especially surprised by the fact that Lucy won – nor was I by the fact that Rees Mogg kept his seat – but I was hoping we’d have a government that was a bit more representative. Having gone to bed at 9.30, when I woke at 2.00 it seemed as if it were a different country – quite disorientating.

    Had better get on with some work – will write more later.

    Take care

    love, Somerset Lass


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