not so clever mimi

Ye-Olde-Clever-Cocks.jpg-pwrt2A story about changing the name of one of the oldest pubs in the country came to my notice this week and it epitomises everything wrong with modern politically correct thinking. For me,even more than the whole wedding cake thing.

Here’s the follow up story in which the landlord of the Fighting Cocks in St Albans and someother sane people say some good stuff about history and context and education.

I can’t even be bothered to blog properly about the whole name change idea but PETA’s Mimi Bekhechi needs to pull her head out of her vegana [sic] and get a grip. If the world ran by her rules we’d be flooded with cocks fighting –  once we’ve stopped killing the majority of male chicks there would be way too many boy chickens (a bit like London Gumtree)…if we didn’t  eat them to relieve the glut….they’d all get a bit antsy…there’ll also be hens all over the place laying fertilised eggs willy nilly with no-one to eat them….we’ll soon be overrun with bloody chickens and all the cocks will be fucking furious and fighting like mad to be cock of the walk.

We domesticated jungle fowl a long, long time ago for very good reasons (eggs and meat) and it is our responsibility to maintain their welfare by upholding our end of the domestication  agreement (eating eggs and chicken)…. I’m not saying everyone ‘has’ to eat eggs and/or chicken…nor that the animal welfare of chickens hasn’t gone a bit tits up…

….but come on….kicking sand over historical ickiness doesn’t make for much of an opportunity to learn from the past and examine how we’ve come on as a species (debatable). Suggesting we do do so for a really wanky reason like “[it] would reflect today’s rejection of needless violence and help celebrate chickens as the intelligent, sensitive and social animals they are” is just facile blubbering and just confirms everything I ever thought about PETA in one fell swoop.


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