Waking up on the wrong side….

I get to a point with my blog where I get the itch to write something but it’s hard to choose what when every morning our radio alarm wakes us up with Today on Radio 4 and I lie there and doze in and out of the days news. Sometimes it’s totally dozable..sometimes there’s something that literally makes me sit up and take notice (Charles Kennedy dying did that) and sometimes we both wake up and have a bit of a rail against the world…perhaps not the best start to the day.

Since the General Election I’ve begun to dread consciousness…yet another piece of legislation…a ban….a throwing away of sense….every day brings incredulity and fresh anger. I apologise heartily to Nick Clegg….take your job back matey – we hated you for the coalition but if this backlog of austere and authoritarian acts are what you managed to hold at bay for 5 years – well done chaps! You are forgiven (mostly)….but too late.

I don’t want to live in a country that is spiralling down the pan…but we are.

As long as all governments do is tinker with the system we have we  spiral down fast… fewer and fewer resources available, fewer jobs, less money to go round… the politicians have known this for a long time and the system has been set up, and laws made to pull up the drawbridges around the mega rich and to keep them happy and safe.

It reminds me of an old plumbing system…old and cantankerous and 95% of plumbers will come round and fettle it…tinker round the edges – it takes a brave man to say stuff it….you need to strip out the lot and start again.                                Mostly people can’t afford to strip out their old system and start afresh….but as a country I don’t think we can afford not to. That’s why I voted Green in the election… because they were the only party offering big ideas…new ways of doing things.

Meanwhile…the old way remains….and like the rising tide of global warming their tinkering drowns the poor and the disaffected on the coastal plains of society and the rich can always afford to buy houses on the highground.

This year those stuck in the estuary mudflats….and those sat further up river feel smug…. next year…not so smug.

I’m a middle class Fenlander and live on the Isle of Ely…that should entitle me to a few years of smugness….but I’m not.

I’m angry and I’m scared….

The people and government should all be working together in a positive spiral using taxes to feed into being a happy nation as a whole ….but instead it feels like we are feeding a corporate monster who is living in sin with the Tory government on the top of the tippiest toppiest mountain waiting for the rest of us to drown.

It’s not like in the olden days when you couldn’t push down the workers too far or you’d have no-one to man the factories and mines and then god forbid the working class might rise up and be revolting…becuase if Ipsos Mori can be believed we have no working class – just the disadvantaged. The unrich…who just need drowning to put them out of their misery, and a VERY large middle class who mostly cling to the illusion that those at the top will save them as some of their own.

And that’s where we’re at – I don’t have solutions. I don’t think there is much of a chance of any real change.

Get used to being poorer…we have the government those who voted for them deserve. I didn’t vote for them and when radio 4 wakes me up and makes me down I’m lucky that I can take the dog out for a walk where the sky is blue and the sun is shining.

Maybe I should wake up to another station until the revolution starts. Meanwhile here’s some pictures of summer on the Isle.


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