little bit of politics

I don’t think I’d heard of Jeremy Corbyn before this week…well…maybe periphally.
But neither had I heard of those two women…whatever their names are…Yvette someone…and the other one…one of them is better looking than the other and therefore doing better in the polls and the other is pinched looking and Northern maybe.
I had heard of Andy Burnham…. mostly because at one point I did a lot of research around internet pornography and he stood out as being spectacularly stupid….suggesting if memory serves me right – that every web page should be checked and given a rating like films have…. no matter… but ever since then I’ve had him pigeon-holed as pretty daft.

Now…. I’ve not voted Labour since I made the mistake of voting for a Blair led government in ’97… before that I’d say I was pretty staunch labour and I’ve vowed on many occasions that I’d never go back to them…. my left leaning libertarian bent found a home with the Liberal party and I like to think they are a far better fit for me politically than the Labour party…or indeed the also left authoritarian Greens.

But over the last few days something has happened….I’ve suddenly got excited about left wing politics again and that’s due not to Corbyn’s actual politics….I’m pretty sure I disagree with him on lots of stuff…. but whatever he believes…. whatever he thinks – he says it straight.

I’ve not seen much of Tim Farron (new leader of the LibDems – if anyone cares) but I’m told he, also, is a fairly straight talking leftish person who I’m interested to see more of….

…but yadda…. this is about the Labour party… the whole summer’s politcs will be about the labour party and I predict the stories will get wilder and wilder as silly season deepens and the MPs go on holiday. By mid-August the press will be publishing photo’s of a Jezza lookalike naked in the Caribbean showing how much spliff he really smokes and stuffing tenners in a ten year old’s knickers….or summink…. he certainly can’t be allowed to be doing so well in the polls by the end of the summer. Especially when its ‘just’ normal people who approve of him.

And that’s the trouble…people have warmed to Jeremy Corbyn…. he is the opposite of everything we hate about politics. He doesn’t spin, he answers the question asked, he doesn’t stoop to petty personal attacks, he seems to have a strong moral compass, be comfortable in his skin and with his own politics and also knows what the word ‘opposition’ means and knows how to vote and show it. Oh…and he cares about people.

The rest of the candidates, their supporters and the majority of the press are so entrenched in the whole spinning ethos of NuLabour – style over substance – blandness over personal identity that they can’t do right for doing wrong. Their only defence against a man who is straightforward is to attack….with more spin…more meaningless twaddle….more petty political games.
Of course Jezza won’t win…the press will make sure of that and if he loses the British public will be another step removed from politics…it won’t be a fair fight – it was never meant to be – he was there to open up debate because even those who want automaton Burnham to win know, deep, deep in their hearts where the fire of socialism once brightly flared, that there is something wrong in the Labour party…it’s so far from it’s roots that it needs a reminder of what they are. How the Labour party was there to help the working man and look after the poorest in society.

Oh they’ll vote in the end for someone who they can play to-me-to-you over Tory voters with, someone who will try so hard not to offend anyone that they’ll avoid saying anything of substance and just maintain the general status quo of whatever the Tory’s want.

And those of us who still care about people and planet over economics and business, those of us who saw the excitement of change with Jeremy Corbyn will take the hit….another dream of a better society dashed.

There can be a better society but it will take big changes….we need people who will tell us the truth whilst we make those changes and I think Lucas, Corbyn and Farron could be a pretty good fit as opposition (and those wags in the SNP) and, I like to dream, a Liberal Left alliance thereafter.


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