somebody find a grown up….

…you know that moment in life where you suddenly realise you ARE the grown-up and you have to grit your teeth and gird your loins (impressively both at once) and just get on and do the thing(s) you have to do.

The whole Corbyn debacle is making me feel that there’s a huge number of people who are sitting at home following twitter/facebook/the news/whatever thinking is there a grown up we can turn to?…someone important…powerful….someone who can just say ‘stop – this is all very silly and undemocratic’.

It’s all just getting ridiculous…there’s ice-cream and jelly flying about, the cat’s covered in cake where’s the grown up?….it was fun until I got a fig roll in my eye…just somebody make it stop.

There’s an old guy wearing a vest and good intentions but he’s the reason for the creamy maelstrom…he certainly can’t make it stop.

Come on….someone important just admit it’s all gone a bit far and it’s all a bit messy…someone?…please? Mum?

But no….. my mum is 89 and has dementia and I know there’s no point ringing her up to ask what the flour to suet ratio is for dumplings anymore.

I’m the grown up…. I nowadays look up a recipe online and feel a little bit sad for my mum and a little bit bereft for me and try not to throw cake (or dumplings) because it’ll surely be me who has to clear up the mess.

So…. I’m looking at our political elite…our media….. I’m watching a political party implode itself with dishonesty, cheating, spin, smears and lies and I know we have to be the grown ups….

…but I’ll be beggered if I know what to do.


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