ce ne est pas un blog de ​​musique

Yanno sometimes someone famous does something they really don’t need to do…. for no real gain…and certainly not for money…and they shoot up in your estimation?

I bring to you Laurence Llewelyn Bowen…perhaps one of the sexiest interior designers to grace day-time tv….but that aside….

Now your headspace is filled with velvet and foppish faradiddles LLB stylee….think Black Metal.

Not the easiest mind shift to make I know.

But in Sheffield is a band…a metal band…. I don’t like metal as a rule but as these guys are pals of my daughter I listened in when a few years ago they brought out a song – here it is:

They sent a copy to Laurence and he sent them a Christmas card…nice.
And one the year after…nicer.

This month I finally got to see  Bleating Apocalypse live – in a pub in Sheffield- and danced until I nearly fell over. They are awesome. Talented musicians….and funny…very funny. They make metal not only bearable but listenable.

If you get a chance to see them DO…better still get them a gig in a town near you… but plug aside….

At their gig they revealed the video below…which is what this blog has been building up to.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen what a thoroughly lovely chap you are.


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