I hate Blair more than Hitler…

I said this today on some internet forum somewhere (…I know I know whatever comes next serves me right)…and was told in no uncertain terms that I was unrealistic and that my knowledge of history and current events are very poor.

So….I thought about it…and I know I’m right…I DO hate Tony more than Adolf.

It’s not a matter of who is the most evil human being (debatable and whatthefuck is ‘evil’) or who caused the deaths of the most innocent people (so far Hitler) or who had the silliest facial hair (also, so far Hitler) – but a matter of who ‘I’ hate most – as hate is a very personal thing to me.
Personal and visceral.

I know Hitler was at the epicentre of loads of bad shit happening and I know what the history books tell us. I know that being the chief Nazi put the deaths of millions of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, disabled people et al right on his doorstep and that that is in no way cancelled out by the fact that children liked him, he painted as a hobby and his vision for the Third Reich resulted in some pretty hot architecture.

But I don’t ‘know’ that  would have I hated him even had I been alive then: all I have is the benefit of hindsight and the conclusion that the majority of other people have reached about him.
I’m a great believer in not judging history by modern day standards so much as I’d like to think were I alive then I’d have seen him for the evil Nazi dictator we all love to hate…. I don’t ‘know’.

And above and beyond hindsight-  Hate is such an immediate and personal thing – it’s the wave of emotion that can make you spit in someones face…call them a murdering cunt…. and I am sure that if I came face to face with Blair I’d have to work bloody hard not to do those things.

I. Would. See. Red (and not the socialist kind)…. so it’s worth hating him.

There is always a very small chance that one day I’ll round a corner and he’ll be there. Whereas hating Hitler is a sort of comedy emotion…its like Spike Milligan doing Hitler.

Hate needs a recipient or at least a belief that there’s a chance of a recipient crossing your path…otherwise it’s like shouting nonsense into an empty void in search of a conversation.

Save your hate for those who matter…. Hitler doesn’t matter..he’s dead a long time. If you hate what he stood for by all means hate those who carry his ideology forward… hone your hate and zap some bastard who is making the world a shittier place right now. Hate for a dead person is a wasted emotion…so is, for that matter love. Both are masturbatory in that context…. both are about a person getting down and dirty and wallowing in their own emotions.

I have lived through the Blair years and the way I feel about him is personal and visceral. He lied. He caused the deaths of thousands of innocent people. He has made sure he is tied up in the politics of the Middle East and makes his money from being so. From war, from oil, from lies, from arms….from blood.

His premiership is still affecting the world I live in.

And he totally fucked over the Labour party for me.

And I hate him….






One thought on “I hate Blair more than Hitler…

  1. Interesting post. I don’t hate Hitler any more than I hate Stalin, Pol Pot, Senator Joseph McCarthy, the Witchfinder General, or a million other historical nasties that few these days have even heard of. I hate what they did or stood for, and would hate to see it repeated, but I did not personally suffer under them nor even live at the same time, so have no intense personal involvement. But I really do hate Blair, and I really do hate Cameron. On the other hand, I do not hate Assad, but would not complain were he kicked out of a helicopter strapped to a barrel bomb.

    It doesn’t matter whether you know your history or not: you are simply not prepared to submit to the ritualised hate of official enemies and ne’erdowells (think Emmanuel Goldstein). That seems pretty sensible to me.


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