creative process

Today is the official opening of my ‘work space’…I have my glass kiln, lots or arty things, findings, and, as of this weekend a splendid desk (thanks Heg and thanks Annie for bringing it down)) with lots of handy drawers that store all my clutteryest clutter and it goes very well will my teacher’s chair (the leaving present I chose from the lumber shed when I left the school I TA’d at).

The official opening is nothing more than I’m sat at my desk doing what I usually do between houseworky things sat at the dining table or on the sofa… facebooking and drinking tea mostly.

But it’s more important than that…it’s the removal of one of my biggest excuses of why I don’t get my creative shit together….

…I’m off to tidy out and re-organise my herb and spice jar cupboard.



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