Iraqi Political figure privately cleared of rape charge

The above story was all over the news a couple of months ago, it spread around the world and quite rightly, wherever it went, people were appalled.

You may remember it better as

Ehsan Abdulaziz: Saudi

millionaire who said he

‘accidentally tripped and

penetrated’ teenage girl cleared

of rape

But I’m not going to rehash outrage at a rich man persuading a judge that it’s possible to fall into a woman’s vagina.

I’ve waited patiently for his denouement but months down the line and I’m still wondering why he was able to give his evidence in private and
why the press just kept repeating that he is a Saudi millionaire property developer?

It took me a matter of minutes when that story came out to decide ‘something’ didn’t smell right and to find out his name isn’t just Ehsan Abdulaziz but Ehsan Shaikh Ali Abdulaziz… I’ve no idea what cultural differences or formalities are involved in those two versions of his name but the former brings up only a court case involving an accusation of rape in London (as above)…and the latter brings up much more.  He appears to have lived and married and had a son in London, and was indeed a director (advisory) of a property development firm there…but nowhere is there any mention of him being Saudi. There are also a couple of Facebook profiles in which the gentleman in question says he is Iraqi … the following is a direct cut and paste from (one of his two) Facebook pages (one personal and one as a ‘public figure’)

I was born in the city of Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan and then completed the junior high in the city of Sulaymaniyah and after the uprising of Halabja and Shahrazour in 1987 emigrated with my parents Eminence Sheikh Ali Abdul Aziz and uncles to the mountains and later founded the Islamic Movement in Iraqi Kurdistan, and since that day and I’m in this movement member Jihadist thankfully … and after the battle of Halabja in 1988, I was Baalgazat toxic chemical and affected my eyes for more than 6 months, and then was treated by doctors from Germany .. and you’re a special companion for my parents. And then He migrated to Pakistan in 1989 to work in the Foreign Relations of the movement and was a mediator between the movement and the Islamic groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and then emigrated to Britain in 1991 and established an office and his representatives of the movement and became the representative of the Islamic Movement in Britain and Europe and began diplomatic work with the outside world., and participated in all the conferences of the opposition Aeravah outside the fortune-teller metal Beirut Conference in 1991 and then Vbennina and Albany, New York .. and Aladbd of pacifism and political conferences to year .. I met Ethber of foreign ministers, ambassadors and Oeda E Parliament in the outside world … and a lot of princes and Senate .. and figures International Islamic …. and I have a lot of presence in the global media, both TV. Radio or newspapers …. and yet we are continuing the grace of God alone, and we use it only in everything

Justice may claim to be blind but in this case, it seems to me, she may have actively turned her head away in order not to see something.

Does anyone have any ideas why his evidence was heard in private…answers on a postcard please.



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