Tory bastards

My ex-barrister, privately educated, Cambridge graduated MP Lucy Frazer voted to take £30 a week away from some of the most needy and poorest people in society. She and her CEO husband live in a house worth several million pounds in London and send their children to a school that charges umpteen thousand pounds a year.

Yanno…. I have a sneaking suspicion she doesn’t have the first inking what that £30 means to those about to lose it. I suspect if she lost £30 tomorrow she wouldn’t have to give anything up that she planned to do, or buy, or eat this week.

I doubt there’s a person on this list of MP’s who voted for the cuts who isn’t in that same privileged position or who has any idea how harsh this cut will feel to those about to suffer it.

Or maybe they do have some sense of it and did it anyway.

Tory bastards.


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