coming out….

…..of hibernation.

There have been subtle hints of impending Spring since early February…blossom, early daffs and the first frogs mating in the garden pond – but yesterday was the first day where I felt that proper stretch and yawn of warm sun on cold winter bones.

The lawn got mowed, the compost heap half turned…a trip to Ikea (I guess it’s a sort of Spring nesting instinct) and today I lasted all of half an hour out with a fork starting to clear the bed of weeds at the front of the house.

The dog, more importantly, scored his first proper walk of the Spring and by the end of it I was walking hat and coatless but bearing a shit eating grin at the sheer joy of a good walk walked, another turn of the annual clock and (hopefully) another ascent out of my dark winter pit of depression.

We walked a section of the old main road into Mepal and then a village circuit taking in, and pausing a while in the sunshine on, the 1930 bridge over the New Bedford River where we watched the flocks of birds wheeling above the floodwaters. Then around by the Three Pickerals to the spire and towerless 13th century church of St Mary and it’s adjacent stand of rare Plot Elms

I noted by the pub a footpath sign that says 1mile to the Anchor at Sutton Gault…. and that sounds very much like the sort of riverside, pub at each end, amble we’ll enjoy en famille later in the year when the floods have receded).



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