a scary slippery slope

I think this sums up where I am at with the whole EU debacle….

“you know what’s really starting to scare me?…the Brexiters are winning at the moment in the polls and it’s soley by force of propaganda..dishonest, manipulative and aimed at those in society who are most affected by austerity and will be most affected by whatever Boris and pals do when they get in.
Propaganda will always win because it tells people what they want to hear and keeps telling it until they think its the truth….and at that point people who don’t ‘need’ to believe it start falling in with the herd. It’s very scary watching it happen.

And when we round up all the immigrants, extreme muslims and smelly lefties to put them in holding camps to be processed there won’t be a shortage of people applying for decent british guard jobs designed for ‘decent’ british people….and they’ll all just be following fucking orders – whilst above their heads the Tories will finish selling off everything that matters and licking the arses of the Chinese government and the likes of Rupert-twatting-Murdoch.”


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