political indecision

I didn’t join the Labour Party when my husband did last year to support Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to leader – I was a disaffected Labour voter who had joined the Greens in order to give my practical support and enthusiasm to ‘someone’ with sensible policies I could mostly stand behind for the 2015 general election.

Since then my Green Party membership lapsed and I didn’t renew it….I’ve sat back and watched the Labour Party.

I like that Corbyn has inspired a new generation of Labour voters. He’s re-engaged people with politics. He’s happy to have people working on his team who don’t always agree with him yet at the same time he doesn’t back down often on his own principles. When he does have to compromise for the good of the party he does it quietly and lets other people take the lead and make the party’s case.

And under him Labour has won by-elections.

He’s not flash, he’s not very media friendly…. he’s a good man who is truthful, honest and principled and that is what draws people to him as those qualities are sorely lacking in politics.
I can sort of see that if you are the sort of MP who needs a line manager with a corporate message then as a leader he may not be the best but I suspect he’s always there for his colleagues if you knock on his door and want to talk something through….
…but I don’t really know.

Anyway…. I was on the cusp of re-joining the Labour party after a long absence when, like hysterical teenagers a wave of cabinet members resigned.

My first thought was to join the party anyway…quick this time to add my vote to Corbyn’s already massive members’ mandate should there be a leadership election.

But no.

I’m going to wait.

My time away from Labour was spent voting Liberal (until they got in bed with the Tories and I felt I had to give Nick Clegg a swift kick for student fees).

I think I may be the voting equivalent of a serial monogamist…. but whatever I am I am a supporter who is always ready to put my enthusiasm where my vote is. To join a party. To post leaflets…to engage.. not just put a cross in a box next to the right name.

I’m going to wait now to see who I’m going to put my energy behind when the political dust settles.

And in the meantime I’ll probably engage with the Ely Progressives…. for all that I’m not sure quite which party to get behind I KNOW it’ll never be the Tories.


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