slightly simplified guide to politics No.54

The Labour Party seems to be in a dark confused place but it seems to me that they have two clear choices. (if anyone knows of a third way keep it to yourself…we tried that third way shit with Blair and look where it’s gotten us).

1.The Party can split into what is essentially ‘Blue Labour’ and ‘Red Labour’ (though at least one of them will have to come up with a catchier name) thus splitting the non-Tory vote still further and having 0% chance of becoming the next government. Especially if the General Election is called early.

2.They can have a leadership election – or not have a leadership election-  either way Jeremy Corbyn will be the leader of the party. They can all get behind him, support the party and have anywhere between a 10% and a 99% chance of becoming the next government (both those numbers are bigger than 0% chance…and the more they grow the fuck up and get over themselves the closer to 99% chance it will be.

Actually the third option is perhaps the one I’d like but it starts with Blair being tried as a war criminal and ends happily ever after with Blue Labour cast adrift clinging to the bloated, decomposing body of Rupert Murdoch to keep themselves afloat whilst Jeremy Corbyn, is at the heart of a new Progressive political alliance with the Greens and anyone else sensible who doesn’t want to drain the life and spirit out of the people of Britain any further.


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