when it all gets too much…

…I go for a walk.

A couple of hours away from the madness of not-yet-Brexit and a new Tory line-up, the dystopian scrabbling around of a hollowed out Labour Party and some lunatic driving a truck into people in Nice….and then I come back and it’s all still there but I had a couple of hours of greenery and peace in and around Landbeach.

I walked up part of Akeman Street which is a Roman Road, through Bourne Woods and on over the open access fields in Landbeach which contain the remains of a medieval moated manor house and village. Found an antique shop (Stantiques) and bought a green glass fishing float. Crossed the A10, ambled through Milton and explored an abandoned garden and shed (hence the mini cauldron from Hunstanton)… back over the A10 via the bridge and ended up back where I started at the Fruit Farm on Butts Lane.
(about 4 miles)


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