Coffee chains are shit….

…and in so many ways.

But like many things that you know are ethically/politically a ‘bit shit’ you keep on buying their coffee occasionally for the ‘coffee shop experience’- a weak echo of the original 17th/18th century coffee houses -but still… a place you could tarry a while and read a free paper over a coffee that wasn’t just brown water with some bitterness to it – you could even grab a sofa if you timed it right.
It’s not like Mr Eclectic Chicken and I frequent them often – I think if I had a lifestyle that involved buying an expensive coffee every day I’d have slit my wrists or become a yak farmer in Mongolia by now as an alternative…. but yanno…. sometimes when out shopping you get that ‘I deserve a silly priced coffee and perhaps a muffin’ feeling and it’s usually when in a ‘retail experience’ location where an independent seller of beverages can’t be found

These rare events in our lives have fallen in a cluster of 2 of late…. we’ve been a captive audience in an out of town Tesco – so that must have been a Costa and today a service station where it was a Starbucks.
Both times it was a thoroughly depressing way of receiving what is now, that so many places sell decent coffee, a fairly average beverage. The staff were slapdash (I don’t blame them on their wages), the place grubby, the tables uncleared… the decor no longer any sort of shabby chic but just shabby and shit.
It was thoroughly depressing and full of people looking like they were ‘trying’ to have the coffee shop experience whilst simultaneously trying to ignore dirty cups and sticky puddles.
You can’t take two instances as a reason to give up on something, I hear you cry.

But fuck it coffee shops have been on tipping point a long time. I just decided to give up Christmas….I gave up mobile phones earlier this year and anti-depressants the other month and I’m on a fucking roll for giving up the modern day shite I’m expected to find intrinsic to my life.

Costa…. Starbucks…. your coffee just isn’t good enough for us to justify buying it off you – we’re middle aged – we already own a thermos flask and when we’re nowhere near a pleasant little independent cafe- we’re about to start using it.


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