I’m not a joiner-innerer…. never have been.

As a five year old I did a term at dance class and insisted on staying at the back with my mum instead of at the front with the littlies.

In my early twenties I did three pottery classes -followed about 8 years ago by a couple of terms of pottery (my friends and relatives have the  proof), a term of tai chi and just before I got cancer I started a Swedish massage course….but my health put a stop to that.

Some of my not partaking has been financial, some of it shyness….most of it the deep hole of not joining in that I dug in my teens and stuck with most of my life.

The thought of walking into a strange place, full of unknown people, to do a thing I don’t know if I’ll be any good at – has been socially debilitating.

Al and I went for a one day glass course a couple of years ago and I liked it so much I bought a kiln…. and decided that I should say yes to things more often.

And I have… (a bit)…. volunteering and joining in things….
But classes have still eluded me – they are the last bastion of scary joining in – so when coming off my anti-depressents in the middle of winter left me…. well…. invigorated, with a new lease of life and a yearning to do things (you weren’t expecting that were you)?
I started eyeing up  my local social club…they have exercise classes….I saw ladies carrying mats and drinking bottles in… but no…. my phobia held firm and I was saved from ‘proper’ joining in by my friend Bang who lives in my village and asked if I wanted to try yoga…in her home…just the two of us – and I said yes.

Our yoga sessions now involve three of us and almost always have a follow on session involving tea and cake and putting the world to rights from a fairly left wing perspective – and I love them.

But anyway…long winded preamble, really just to say, I went to an exercise class today, at my local social club, with the ladies with mats and bottles (turns out most of them have special yoga socks too)…it was PiYo and run by the lovely, mum of one of Rafes school friends.
I got through it…it was a bit confusing but I managed to fight the urge to hide under a table and just sat out for the bits I couldn’t cope with – to be honest – I think I prefer my yoga straight…and slower…and thoughtfuler…with time to breathe my way into positions…but something to get the heart pumping would be good.

Putting my boots on to leave and the hall starts to fill up with ‘more mature’ ladies and it appears the next class is ‘Strictly come exercise’ or summink like that…. its dance based step exercise….also summink like that.
So…as taster sessions are free…I thought why the heck not and stayed.

Older ladies are friendlier and chatty and the class was fun and funny….especially at the back where it degenerated into farce with lots of make it up free form dance and me always going left when everyone else was coming right…. I think I’ll join in again next week.

But just the one class….as I went for a quick warm under the duvet with a coffee when I got home and Rafe woke me when he came home from school.


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