Middle aged housewife and displaced Northerner now living on the Isle of Ely.

I make things (sometimes).

Penchant for quirky films, scented geraniums, polish pottery, sunlight through coloured glass, terriers, ticking clocks, wind in the chimney, coconut macaroons, seaside, hilltops, witch stones, poetry, punk, beach combing, drawing cartoons, jazz, illustration, brutalist architecture, surrealists, lilac trees, being in bed, tea, bacon sandwiches, comfy shoes, patchouli, peonies, the smell of books, empty houses, skylarks, understanding, accrington brick, soft blue cheeses, living under a big sky, being British, beeswax, exploring, not having a mobile phone, ginger cats, cryptic crosswords, hedgehogs, midland hawthorns, cars that look lived in, marmite on toast, memento mori, and writing.



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