guilt free cake

Easy peasy lemon (or lime or orange) squeezy…. this cake is amazing. It’s wheat free and can easily be diabetic friendly too.

boil up enough citrus fruit to weigh 8oz (two big oranges…four small limes…couple of lemons whatever) in a big pan of water. You need to boil them long enough so the skin is soft enough to be whizzed in the whizzer but not enough so all the innards splurge out and get lost in the water.

My original recipe (Claudia Roden’s) stated 2 hours boiling for oranges but a recipe for lime and almond cake I found said boil up the pan of water with limes in and change the water several times, then cover and boil for forty minutes. I don’t think it’s a precise science.

Let your boiled softened fruit cool!!!!! (or it’ll splash really hot fruit pulp on you and it hurts)

Once cool, remove any hard stem remnants off the end, cut open and remove any pips and then whizz the fruit up in a big bowl (I find a hand blender works fine as it’s all I have).

Add 6 eggs… whizz it up.

Add 8oz of sugar (or for a diabetic or guilt free low calorie cake add slightly less of natvia)

Add 9 oz (which annoyingly is just over a standard packet) of ground almonds and a very generous teaspoon of baking powder

Pour into a buttered and floured tin (I’ve got a round one thats about 20cm diameter that seems to suit it) and stick in the oven at 190 degrees or similar (moderate) for about an hour. (remember to flour the tin with something wheat free…like rice flour for the coeliac in your life)

If your mixture was very sloppy…it may take longer. If it wasn’t so sloppy it’ll take less. You cake is done when you can stick a knife in and it comes out clean but occassionally I’ve made this and it never quite gets there – at which point serve it fridge chilled with cream as a pudding.

When your cake is cooled…cover it with something chocolatey (either sticky icing or 90% chocolate – depending at which end of the healthy spectrum you’re aiming at).

Don’t expect this cake to have the same texture as a flour based cake…. it won’t and if you take it to mother and toddlers as a cake it’s likely you will never be asked to take a cake again but if you like an easy peasy cold damp guilt free cake that counts as at least two of your five a day…this is the cake to make.


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